Intuitive DC Circuits

DC Circuits are everywhere, from the little motor that makes a child’s car go, to the microchip circuits that make your cell phone “smart.” Learning just the basics of DC circuits can be pay big dividends. Here at picomonster, we make that learning fun and easy.

As usual, we’ll kick things off with a little fun. Let’s spice up the DC circuit schematic below! Hit the “Mode” button to watch the “Liquid Circuit” come alive! Hit it again for the Electrical Circuit. Now hover over components in each Mode to examine them. Details are given for each component – but what do these details mean?

The “Liquid DC Circuit”

We’ll use “Liquid Circuits” in our lessons to bring real meaning to the details of circuit components and how they work together. We’ll map this meaning directly to more formal circuit theory to give you a real “feel” for circuit analysis. Click below to start learning!!

DC Circuit