DC Circuits – R – Us!

Welcome to picomonster.com, where weird abstractions become practical reality! Our tutorials will make your brains stretch and your synapses tingle. We provide a rich visual experience that is so engaging that you’ll completely lose yourself to learning. We make it totally fun to get something that seemed unreachable! Give it a whirl – you’ll love it!

Intuitive DC Circuits

Intuitive DC Circuits

Get a real feel for the movement of electricity through DC circuits

Power your brain with our snazzy circuits tutorials, guaranteed to blow away your boring lectures!! We deliver a truly intuitive feel for DC circuits while staying true to theory. Great for anybody that is either new to DC circuits or interested in developing an intuitive view of DC circuit operation.

Applications of imaginary Numbers

Applications of imaginary Numbers in the Real World

Learn how imaginary numbers actually work in the real world!

A fun (and admittedly geeky) tutorial that is totally dedicated to the practical side of imaginary numbers. Get your thinking cap on, and dive in!
Sorry to say… Due to the recent security certificate requirements for Java (ie I have to shell out money every year to buy a certificate), I’ve decided to finally retire my little imaginary number project. It was fun while it lasted, and I believe that it was helpful to folks (based on comments), but time to move on to other things. Thanks for your support over the years.


26 Love Letters for Mama

26 Love Letters for Mama

A Wonderful Gift For Your Mom!

Yes, I know this looks out of place, but geeks need gifts for moms too!

Written with zazz & illustrated by 22 divine female artists of the Pacific Northwest. This book is a glorious ABC of devotion that celebrates the loveliness of all our moms.

A generous portion of proceeds will go to support continuing care for women and their families who are dealing with the challenges of Breast Cancer.